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[Biomedical Engineering] Biomechanical Engineering - Research Group

This group conducts distinctive walking and running experiments in a variety of low-gravity simulated environments, such as at the NASA Johnson Space Center ARGOS, in the parabolic flight of a jet airplane, or on an antigravity treadmill. Using a wearable gait analysis system, we examine the activity of the lower limb antigravity muscles in closer detail from the perspective of biomedical engineering and kinematics. From the information gathered in these examinations, we develop a “load-controlled treadmill” that can apply effective stimulation and stress to lower limb antigravity muscles, such as the soleus, by making the user proactively move the ankles in order to move the walking surface. Through this research, we aim to propose new training methods that will prove useful as exercise prescriptions during flight or pre-flight gait training for astronauts on manned space explorations as well as to develop strategies and equipment for rehabilitation.

Biomechanical Engineering - Research Group